Afghanistan: fantasies, fears, foibles and facts

Caribbean Airlines

Pilot Errors

If I had a nickname for any of the pilots of Caribbean Airlines (CAL) who “sicked out” a few days (Tuesday July 1) ago and …
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The Mighty Sparrow and Tony Deyal

The King and I

There are many faces to Sparrow- his humour, his women, his travels, his concern for social justice, his politics and his raw sexuality. But they …
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Who's more dangerous? Leo or Cleo?

The Female of the Species

An assessment of the impact of Hurricane Ivan on Jamaica by the Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC) in 2004 stated, “The event’s direct damage …
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Tony's offering to the sandworm?

Chili to the Burn

There was a time when I occasionally indulged in beverages brimful of beaded bubbles instead of liquids intended merely to prevent dehydration and desiccation. It …
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Hurricane Humberto 2013

When the Storm Comes, Be Ready

Whether you believe in climate change and its possible effects on the weather, you need to be prepared for the Atlantic Caribbean Hurricane Season that …
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