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Category: <span>Opinion</span>

Afghanistan: fantasies, fears, foibles and facts

by Mark Lee

In their reportage on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Western media of record are doing a disservice to their roles as crafters of the first draft of history. Rather than straight reporting on the disastrous situation as it unfolds, the news consuming public is being fed reams from the point of view of what the media workers think should have happened.

Come on Naomi! You Can Do It

by Mark Lee

It’s very sad the situation that led to the brightest women’s tennis star since the Williams sisters thinking it necessary to withdraw from the French Open. Naomi Osaka says she has suffered bouts of depression since she won her first slam, at New York in 2018 and her interaction with the media during a tournament affects her mental health.

Nina Remembered

by Guest Writer

The Murder of Mario Deane

by Suzann Dodd