Queen Elizabeth II

Who Pays For the World That Slavery Built?

The clip clop of the muscular, well groomed horses bearing men in armour and pulling the gold gilded coaches transporting Queen Elizabeth II to parliament in London speaks of the wealth and grandeur of empire built on land grabs, pirate loot, chattel slavery and indentureship. The show is also a big draw to today’s tourism.

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Fall again?

At first sight, despite the summer has come, it is only wording considering political nonsense… Unfortunately, it is only the primary impression, regardless of the modern Ukrainian-Russian relations status. It seems recently both parties have forgiven and forgotten mutual insults, suspicions in insincerity and former neglects. Immediately after it both Read more…

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The Global Class War

There’s no doubt about it. A class war is definitely on. Marx must be spinning in his grave: “See, I told you so! Historical forces are driving workers and capital into confrontation.” It’s like those who declared Marx’s “ism” dead with the collapse of the Soviet Union seeing ghosts back Read more…