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The perfect storm: The confluence of logistics, immigration and covid-19

by Mark Lee

Sangeeta from Punjab is working the one p.m. to 10 p.m. shift in a large Mississauga, Ontario warehouse. She is one of the 200 people from her region on the shift, many working cheek by jowl, unpacking and packing dusty cartons, while standing or stooping and only sitting during their half hour paid lunch break and two unpaid 15 minute breaks.

Who Pays For the World That Slavery Built?

by Mark Lee

The clip clop of the muscular, well groomed horses bearing men in armour and pulling the gold gilded coaches transporting Queen Elizabeth II to parliament in London speaks of the wealth and grandeur of empire built on land grabs, pirate loot, chattel slavery and indentureship. The show is also a big draw to today’s tourism.

Fall again?

by tdomf_5a532

The Global Class War

by Mark Lee