The abeng is a horn used by the Maroons of Jamaica to communicate with their communities across the mountainous ranges of the island. This was particularly useful in their wars of independence against the British in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Today technology has grown way beyond the humble cow horn of the Maroons but there is still global need for freedom and expression.

This site is about expression. It gives a voice to those who want to be heard. It also invites those who disagree with our view to state their own. We do this within the bounds of good taste, respect for others and the laws of libel, slander and defamation.

We are a Caribbean-centric electronic publication with a global focus, that targets a community of discerning readers on every continent. With a writing team located in the Caribbean, Canada, the United States, Africa and Japan, our variety of feature reportage, analyses and opinions attract an equally diverse readership who discriminate on quality.

The weekly online publication showcases features, news analysis, commentary and the arts from a growing global network of correspondents, with a decidedly Caribbean/Jamaican flavor.

Finally, the opinions expressed by writers are not necessarily ours or those with which we agree but we do believe in free expression.

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