Massa Day Done or Britannia Rule under Charles III?

Charles III and PM Andrew Holness

Massa Day Done or Britannia Rule under Charles III?

Reparations and an apology for the descendants of chattel slavery, the return of jewels and…
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US Air Force C-17 at Kabul Airport

Afghanistan: fantasies, fears, foibles and facts

In their reportage on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Western media of record are…
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Naomi Osaka

Come on Naomi! You Can Do It

It’s very sad the situation that led to the brightest women’s tennis star since the…
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401 with tractor trailers

The perfect storm: The confluence of logistics, immigration and covid-19

Sangeeta from Punjab is working the one p.m. to 10 p.m. shift in a large…
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DJ King Stitt

Defining ourselves – We run tings, tings nuh run we

People are lamenting the February 17 passing of the god-daddy of deejaying, U-Roy, labeling him…
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U Roy

Tribute to a Paragon, An Original Don Gorgon

After pouring all the accolades on Cliff, Dekker, Marley and Toots, Holt and Andy, there…
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Queen Elizabeth II

Who Pays For the World That Slavery Built?

The clip clop of the muscular, well groomed horses bearing men in armour and pulling…
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Bunny Grant

Honour Our Legends – A plea for boxing champ Bunny Grant

If you leaf through the annals of the birth of Jamaica, you’re unlikely to see…
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Wha a Gwaan? – World Impact of Jamaican Language

Jamaican Creole (patwa or patois) has been widely dispersed and had an impact on people…
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