Trayvon Martin – The Loss of Liberty and Life

Statue of Liberty from a U.S. National Park Service video.
Is Liberty a lifeless statue? (Statue of Liberty from a U.S. National Park Service video.)

It seems the American dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is becoming a closed domain. The Statue of Liberty, gifted by the struggling French seeking what they thought was the ideal of the American founding fathers and Abraham Lincoln’s fight to free the enslaved, is now a dream in the very land of the free.

Those who remained silent when the vigilantes came for the Jews, Gypsies and N_ _ _ers, should remember that one day your son could be walking down a street with candy and a soft drink, and because the vigilante guys in the truck think he resembles a thief, he could end up dead and a jury could find that the vigilantes were acting out of fear/in self defence or whatever they may concoct.


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