It should be abundantly clear to all well thinking Jamaican that the current political order, dominated by the PNP and the JLP, is busted and is incapable of delivering good governance and economic development.

The recent admission by Prime Minister Golding that he sanctioned the scheme to lobby the American government in relation to the extradition matter concerning Christopher ‘Duddus’ Coke, has confirmed what many have posited: that Jamaica’s two major political parties are more interested in protecting their political interest rather than the interest of the country.

The integrity and the legitimacy of the political order is at an all time low as neither of the two political tribes have the moral authority to address critical national concerns of crime, corruption and garrison politics.

It is time for the citizens to rise up and demand fundamental changes. I am calling on all well thinking Jamaican to once and for all indicate to both political parties that enough is enough. Civic organizations, the private sector, trade unions, the security forces, the business sector, the Diaspora, the church, community organization, student organizations, the media, sports and entertainment fraternities, and all other stakeholders should form a coalition to demand the changes we need.

This demand will have to be supported by organized peaceful civil action. The goal of Jamaica’s ‘velvet revolution’ should include the establishment of a national socio-economic action plan, the reformation of the Jamaican Constitution and political structure, the decrease of crime and violence, the transformation of the political garrison communities and the establishment of an interim unity government.

The present political order cannot fulfill the vision of Jamaica becoming “the place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business”. We must emancipate ourselves from this political slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind.

Let every decent, law abiding, patriotic citizen rise up for Jamaica , with the words of M. G. Smith’s patriotic song, ‘I Saw My Land in the Morning’:

I saw my land in the morning
And oh, but she was fair,
The hills flamed upwards scorning
Death and failure here.

I saw through the mists of morning
A wave like a sea set free,
Faith to the dawn returning
Dark tide bright unity.

I saw my friends in the morning
They called from an equal gate:
Build now while time is burning
Forward before it’s late

Orville Plummer

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