Bruce Golding has done it again. He has once more left egg on the faces of those who trusted him. His private sector power base must be apoplectic by now in disbelief or rage after his most recent disclosure regarding the embarrassingly mangled Manatt business and the whole sorry Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke extradition affair.

Bruce is finished, his political career effectively kaput. After a significant proportion of the voting public had decided to trust him again, even after he jilted the National Democratic Movement (NDM) political party he founded, Golding has been proven the leopard in the jungle of Jamaican politics. And this time there will be no forgiveness, for even JLP diehard supporters are calling for his resignation, and the loyal opposition, hot in pursuit of the scent of blood ever since he assumed office, have menacingly encircled the wounded PM who seems to be limping alone, with only feeble barks from his team members.

The bombshell was Golding’s admission that not only was he aware of the arrangement with US law firm Manatt Phelps and Phillips to lobby the US administration to drop the extradition request of Dudus, but that he had, as Party Leader, given the nod to having party officials meet with the attorneys.

This abomination, coming from the same fount that promised constitutional reform, term limits, elimination of garrison-type politics and an end to political tribalism when it wooed the electorate. Incidentally none of Golding’s promises to change the system was ever addressed.

But this admission is the last straw. Not since Omar Davies’ famous “run wid it” speech, has there ever been such contempt for the intelligence of the Jamaican citizen. At least Omar only omitted to advise the electorate of his shenanigans until later when he admitted, barefaced as he did, that he misused public funds. But Golding’s deception has eclipsed Omar’s fiscal sleight of hand. It is also believed that he had no choice but to go public, as other parties involved were closing in to bring him down.

If the Prime Minister is allowed to pretend as if this abuse of power is business as usual, and there are no expressions of public outrage nor calls for his resignation from civic groups, then the dysfunctionality and criminality of Jamaica’s entire political class, and the nation’s withered status in the international community should be more than evident to the rest of the world: Jamaica’s leadership endorses criminal activity, aided and abetted by a population quite comfortable with it.

There is more shocking news to come. Will Golding step down voluntarily, and if not, what is the public prepared to do to remove him from his position of leadership? And is there anyone free of contamination to lead the nation?

Kadene Porter

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