Amidst the recession the world is now experiencing, and upcoming free trade on the global market, there is hope for Jamaica and her citizens. Hiding just underneath our government’s nose are options that will make Jamaica self sustaining, providing the resources needed to rebuild and propel the country forward.

Let me start by comparing our nation to a common household; a family of four. Now, if this family earns a total of $120,000 per month and consumes a total of $125,000 per month, then it shows a deficit of $5,000 a month or $60,000 a year. Due to this continued shortfall in earnings, this family will eventually be bankrupt. The same holds true for our nation.

If our finance ministers continue to spend more that we earn, our nation will eventually be bankrupt. This means we will not have any resource for free education, health care, road repair, etc., as no nation will lend to a country that cannot pay its debts. This being the case, it is necessary to either reduce or consumption or increase or earning, both of which we are capable of doing.

We as a nation are already in debt. It is therefore necessary first to trim our fat by reducing consumption. Be advised though that consumption can be both good and bad. Goods and services consumed from a source outside of the countryat this time are bad; however, goods and services from within will be good.

It is therefore necessary to maximize our ‘Buy Jamaica’ campaign. Furthermore, increasing internal consumption will create job opportunities which our nation so badly need. So then, reduce imported goods and services into the country that can be attained locally.

Our imports for the year 2008 were an estimated $5,784 billion (J$1=US$0.09), more than 25 per cent of GDP. Of this amount, food products that can be produced locally or be substituted by local product cost US$518 million. This money spent on imported food should be used to create distribution centers for farmers to market their local products to Jamaicans.

If the market is available, more people will produce. I cannot count the number of times it is reported that produce rots in the field because there is no market. I have also witnessed local produce thrown to swine because they cannot compete with imported foods that flood the Jamaican market place.

If foreign foods are not present on the market, they cannot be consumed. Our right as free men gave us a choice. However, at times our choices need to be curtailed especially in times when we all need to work together if we are to survive.

Jamaica occupies an area close to but smaller than that of Connecticut, in the US. Our population is also quite close, 2.8 million to 3.5 million. Connecticut has a governor, deputy governor, eight counties (parishes), five congressmen, and two senators. This data is provided to show that Jamaica’s government is much larger than need be.

We do not pay our senators, however we carry the burden of a bereft governor general, 60 members of parliament (MP), and 13 local government bodies of which their job descriptions are all opaque. Do not forget our many other government agencies that are too numerous to mention.

To reduce our spending, we need to reduce our government. We have a dire need to change the way we govern ourselves. Although a lengthy and tedious process, it is time we all put that which matter most to us all on the table and write our own Constitution – a constitution that will reflect who we are and address our concerns and ratified by Jamaicans, rich and poor alike. This will not make our problems disappear but will be a step in the right direction.

Let us start at the top and work our way down-stream where most of the problems show up. Reducing our government will save us millions in revenue that is much needed within our society, improving our chances of lifting ourselves out of the financial hole we are in.

It is necessary that we do something, especially in these times but not just anything. Finance ministers either increased taxes or looked towards borrowing (more) funds to fund the budget, the latter of which is the worst for the country. Taxes are necessary for a country to develop but an overtaxed nation is not a healthy one. The poor, who  account for the majority of the population, will suffer greatly. The poor has less to give and should not be targeted.

Luxury items such as automobiles, property, and items not necessary for survival should be taxed at a greater percentage. For example, private automobiles, luxury boats, and property should be taxed annually. The full value of the property should be taxed. If a person owns land valued at $800,000 and builds a house on that land valued at $6.5 million, then the property should be taxed at $7.3 million. Any person owning property of that value is not poor.

Taxes collected from a local area should be spent in that area, or at-least the greater amount.

The recent gas levy introduced on us will be felt mostly by the poor as it will increase the price of all consumed goods. The minister should have instead increased the cost of private vehicle registration. This would have kept inflation relatively low and ensure the poor can continue to stay productive.

Consumption drives economies. If we learn how to consume then we will control our growth. Reducing foreign consumption and taxing the majority proportionally is perhaps what we need the most right now. The times call for great sacrifices and sacrifice we must. However, let us use this time of decreased growth and idleness to develop a blueprint that will create the nation we all want to live in. We are in dire need of a constitution that we all understand and agree with. The time is here and now. Let us use it wisely.

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Oliver Hunter

The point about our government being oversized cannot be made too often. Unfortunately every administration so far has been happy to have this continue. Efficiency as an idea has remained exactly that, to be avoided like the plague.

A new Constitution putting power in the hands of the people and limiting government would go a far way in building a road to recovery. But this will not come from the present crop of politicians. It has to be triggered by a revolution from the people – a revolution of thought.

I however disagree that someone with a 7.3 million property cannot be poor. With mortgage, inflation and reduced spending power that person could be one job cut away from homelessness. In fact with the exception of government subsidised units, a 7mil house is a low income buy.


Sorry to say that the very poor , apart from farmers, do vry little work, especially in the metropolis. The wemen spend time looking for a man to support them then end up with a string of children who start life with major disadvantages.
If you need a domestic worker do not ask any of those women below 30 years, minimum wage or not, they do not want that kind of a job, even whn they cannot write a grocery list. No young man in that bracket will do gardening. They sell drugs or play lotto all day. Men who begs in New Kingston takes the money and either buys drugs or buys lotto. Some ready to tell you,’ Mi is a single madda mi a beg you something fi the pickney dem’. They did not know that , that was going to be their fate if they indulge in a sexual relationship. I SAY MANDATORY TUBAL LIGATION FOR THESE FEMALE ‘RABBITS’ Population control, food importation control, less American apples, plums, pears, imported bread, etc. LESS MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT UNTIL WE BREAK THE BACK OF THIS SITUATION.

Oliver Hunter

Griffins – Approaching the problem like a control freak does not help anybody.


You love to insult, but you do not know me and I do not know you. What I SAY IS MY OPINION. You come with something better, before you call me names.

Freaky Griffins


Thank you for calling me freaky. It is freaky people like me who change the world. You are too smart to change anything

Oliver Hunter

The term control freak refers to your” ban this ban that” expressions. It was meant no further than that. You are accepting insult when none was offered.


The recession is actually good for Jamaican tourism interests. Many years ago, doing research it was discovered that the ‘all inclusives’ contribute very little to Jamaica save paying water bills, light bills, and offering employment.

The vacation is booked abroad, paid for abroad, the money remains abroad, save that which is used to buy food items abroad and shipped to Jamaica.

Very little local stuff is used. Those who book into all inclusives have very little money. They do not leave the hotel.
They chow down as much as they can, and whatever they get free at the hotel is the extent of their involvement.

These are the people who, because of the recession, will not be traveling. Those with money don’t opt for these packages. These are the ones who rent cars, who visit sites, who eat out, who buy craft who spend money.

It is better to have 100 tourists spending $1000 each than 1000 tourists spending $100 each. Hence the fewer all inclusive tourists the better.

You present some interesting proposals for taking our nation forward like the Rastafarians say!!! Let us see if the politicians will listen! Do they read! They should if they do not.

I agree one hundred percent that we should eat what we grow and grow what we eat!!!

keep the faith until next time! walk good.

I am etc.

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