So-called ‘Constitutional Lawyers’ seem incapable of grasping the ramifications of the lawsuit(s) brought by Abe Dabdoub which question the presence of dual-nationals in Parliament.

There has never been a legal government in Jamaica. There have always been dual nationals or those with some other impediment which would have tainted each and every Parliament.

One might dismiss the presence of these persons when their vote was without effect, as for most of our history we have had landslides in which the Opposition was mere token.

However, this is not the only effect these persons have had on governance.

Any dual national who sat on any board/committee/regulatory body has tainted that body. Hence, the appointment of High Court judges and other such individuals was illegal. The decisions and actions of these persons would be illegal.

Hence, a High Court judge who was a dual national, or appointed by a Board which contained a dual national would not have been lawfully appointed and all decisions made by that person would be suspect.

Any dual national who participated in signing a loan agreement, or who had appointed a person to a body which signed such agreement composes a contract which is tainted.

Just as an overage player taints a team and causes all matches played to be invalid, just as a person who signs a contract but does not have the legal capacity so to do destroys the legally binding effect, so too all actions taken by Jamaica since its inception.

Imagine the chaos.

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