‘You’re Pushing Anti-Jamaican Culture’

The following was submitted by a reader:

I don’t like your promotion of Anti-Jamaican culture that would seek to introduce homosexuality, one of the most abominable perversions, as the NORM.

I don’t like the general slackness and nastiness of Jamaican people in general, and what disgusts me most is that it is not even original, but just like every idea that a Jamaican BANK has, is just copied from Babylon the Great- the USA.

I do not appreciate your inherent disrespect for religion- and don’t feel the need to PROVE anything to you- God will fix your business for you whenHe is good and ready.

I am just disappointed in the level of political conversation which smacks of the children of Israel “why did you not leave us in Egypt” talk back to Moses (Golding) after he led them from slavery… and finally, although I note with interest that your commentators write Standard English, I already get the feeling that you are the educated elites who will be PROMOTING patois speaking to the “masses”. You will sound sincere and sophisticated, but what you are in fact doing is keeping 3 million people in the gutter by encouraging their ignorance, by denial of the need to master a world language. Meanwhile, you hide and read a book when they are not looking.

You are tools of a corrupt, lazy elite, who believe that keeping others down is the way up. That is why you promote ideas designed to keep the masses focus on their genitalia.

moneysmarts@yyy.com (email address withheld)

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John Holmberg

Abeng News keep up the good work. Hopefully in time you will enlighten more Jamaicans to the fact that it is not about wrong or right, it is basic respect for all. If homosexuals are living in sin, then it is there sin, and their choice.

Joseph T. Farquharson

Abeng, I see you got this reader roiled up, but then again a scan of the Jamaican dailies shows that sex and language are the two things that evoke the strongest responses from Jamaicans; the only issues that can whip them into action.

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