The internet is all about interconnectivity and interconnectedness. Abeng News Magazine is positioned within this global community but with a  distinctly Caribbean voice. The Net connects not just people but the media we use to communicate.

Abeng News is offering you a new way to participate in our community. It’s called My Turn, a voice commentary system in which you can call us an leave your commentary on what every topic you please, although sometimes we’ll offer suggestions on topics.

If you have the Skype internet telephony application on your computer you can use it to call for free but if you don’t have it we have a telephone number 202-864-6494 which will connect you to the system.

The player below allows you to listen to what our community has said so far … or maybe you can be the first to comment by giving us a call. If you call with Skype or a telephone just go right ahead and talk after the beep. The button below the player, which is also scattered at different locations on this site, tells you whether the call system is available. However, you can listen at any time.

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My status

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