I formally advise the House and the nation that the Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Honourable Professor Sir Kenneth Hall, O.N., G.C.M.G., O.J., will retire from office on February 26th 2009. Sir Kenneth had advised me in July of last year of his desire, for health reasons, to demit office in October. He subsequently agreed to continue until February 2009. His request to proceed on retirement was conveyed to and has been approved by Her Majesty the Queen.

I wish to express to Sir Kenneth on behalf of the government and people of Jamaica our appreciation for the sterling manner in which he has served as our Governor-General since his appointment on February 15th 2006. He has performed his duties with diligence, dignity, charm, impartiality and understanding and has been a credit to the highest office in our land. We extend to him and Lady Hall our love and best wishes.

I wish further to advise that consequent on Sir Kenneth’s decision to retire, Her Majesty, on the advice of the Cabinet, has approved the appointment of Dr. Patrick Linton Allen, C.D., President of the West Indies Union of Seventh Day Adventists, as the new Governor-General. Dr. Allen will be sworn in at Kings House on February 26th 2009.

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Goldie Simpson

Remember our Motto. There are too much division in this country. Brilliant move Mr. Prime Minister. When President Obama embraces everyone he is lauded, when we try to involve everyone we find every hair to split. Dr. Allen your performance as a statesman will outlive your critics.

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