Peacemakers concert for Bob Marley's 60th birthday.

Peacemakers concert for Bob Marley’s 60th birthday.

Authors and One Love Event organizers Julia, Alicia and Robert Roskind will be returning to Jamaica and hosting a Gathering of the Peacemakers at the Negril Escape Hotel in Negril, according to a news release.

The event, which is free to all, will be held on Saturday January 31 and Sunday, February 1 from 9AM to 6PM. Two evening events are also planned. On Friday night, January 30 at 8PM there will be a reasoning with the elder Rastas from the Roskinds’ books Rasta Heart and The Gathering of the Peacemakers, both of which deal with Jamaica and its vibrant message of One Love.

On Saturday night at 8PM there will be an acoustic concert pool-side with American recording artist Laura Reed as well as several conscious Jamaican artists. There is a US$10 admission for the evening events with all proceeds going to the elder Rastas.

“For four years Julia, our daughter Alicia and I traveled your beautiful island with many of your teachers of love to reflect back to you your message of unconditional love for all – One Love,” said Robert, now a North Carolina resident.

“We are now returning with a series of workshops we have been hosting in the US. During the Saturday workshops we will cover such topics as staying awake in a sleeping world, creating loving intimate relations, Hopi and Mayan prophecies, the effects of diet, media and drugs, and claiming ourselves as peacemakers. On Sunday, we will be turning the program over to your local peacemakers.”

Roskind says the goal of the weekend, which is open any or no religious faith, is to “help prepare for the coming decades of change so that we might share this peace with others” .

Between 2001 and 2005, the Roskinds hosted 54 free One Love Events and Concerts islandwide that featured an array of top artists and speakers . Most of these events were held in schools, including many in inner-city Kingston and Montego Bay.

Their largest event, a co-venture with the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission JCDC, was on Bob Marley’s milestone 60th birthday on February 6, 2005. This event featured a live audience of tens of thousand on Knutsford Boulevard and was broadcast live to the entire country. All performers and speakers donated their time, energy and talent at no charge to bring a message of One Love to their people.

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Sounds like a great event!! Wish I could attend !!

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