Thanks for sharing some of your time with us at Abeng News over the past year. We’re making some changes to the look of our site and the newsletter, Abeng Update. The changes come as a result of a shift in the technology we use in the background. The new system has some features that are important to make things run more efficiently.

The new system has also resulted in a change in the visual appearance, which is now more in keeping with traditional print media and our delivery of audio and video has not been compromised.

All the old articles have been migrated but the corresponding comments are not yet available. That doesn’t stop you from making new comments, which will be shown until until they’re merged with the old comments. Please share your opinion on how you feel we can better serve you.

It’s the same team though and we continue to coordinate your and our thoughts on the issues we collectively feel are important – such as Jamaica’s PM Bruce Golding lambasting environmentalists who are accused of being meddlesome busybodies hindering the island’s development.

Coming at a time when the island’s coastline is being raped in the name of development and when reputable agencies are warning of the potential dangers of global warming on the Caribbean and named Jamaica as among the likeliest, his comment was disingenuous.

As usual, share your thoughts.

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Love the new format! Also, for me, this format is much more user friendly! Nuff respect!!

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