Community organizing is about to go national. The once-derided claim of Barack Obama’s experience used by his detractors to question his competency for the presidency during the recent campaign, is to be the focus to strengthen and give more direction to the movement.

In an unprecedented move to harness the goodwill and the fervour of the enormous contact base of supporters, the powerful organization that propelled its candidate to the presidency is engaged in a tactical maneuver to mobilize the grassroots into working to effect change on a community level and help shape the future of the country.

Through an appeal sent to upwards of 13-million in the contact base, the organization is inviting its constituents to organize or attend “Change is Coming” house meetings in their communities on December 13 and 14 to discuss burning issues that affect their communities to help plan the next steps necessary to initiate the campaign promise of change on a national scale. These ideas and feedback are to constitute the necessary groundwork in decision making for the new administration.

The President-elect is a firm believer and sees himself as tangible proof that the power of one can change a street, a city, a state and the nation.

The organization hopes that through these grassroots house meetings, issues such as the economy, education, energy, health care, civil rights and women’s affairs, among others, will be discussed and brought to the table in a bold move to guide the presidency in the months and years ahead during this most turbulent period in the nation’s history.

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