Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

Christopher Suckra was savagely sodomized and murdered this Wednesday while on his way to school. Now we will never know if he would have been a distinguished Prime Minister of Jamaica. His happy though wrecked life was mercilessly cut short by a murderer. He was stabbed, chopped and his head bashed in. Why? In light of the foregoing how in heavens name can parliamentarians debate the obvious? Justice demands! that he who sheds innocent blood forfeits his own life.

This is as simple as ABC but the reason we engage in these endless debates is because we are a dishonest set of people. We have no respect for Truth. We are a bunch of partisans! We are not patriotic. We are all busy defending our biases instead of pursuing justice on behalf of the innocent. Mr. Golding, our beloved nation is in trouble. We are about to go over the precipice of immorality and godlessness. God is going to judge this wicked nation and its ungodly leaders.

Like in the days of Joshua and Achan, this is not a time for prayer on why we are being shamed in the eyes of the world, Sin is in the camp! Demons have taken control of our people and possessed men and women, boys and girls. Demons of sex, drugs, murder, idleness, music, passing the buck (I am not here to solve crime, let us invite Dons into parliament to help solve crime!). I sincerely believe you mean well. You want to make a positive contribution to Jamaica’s development. You’re not perfect and neither am I or any other human being. But as imperfect as you are, God has allowed you to become Prime Minister for a reason. Enquire of him, today, that reason. If you fail to do this, you will become a statistics in the books of heaven of failed Prime Ministers of Jamaica. I have some suggestions for your, I hope you’ll take them seriously as the spirit of God also dwells with me.

  1. The Jamaica Constabulary Force has lost its soul, its credibility, and therefore has lost its mandate to be our lead prosecutor in crime fighting, disband it. Rename it. And start anew. Cable and Wireless just did it, we can do it too.
  2. Engage the people. Take us into your confidence. Share with us your hopes, your dreams your aspirations for Jamaica. Become the leader God wants you to be!
  3. Be fair in all your dealings, and also appear to be fair. Since you have become PM you have made some questionable decisions on hiring and firing etc. Cease to do evil, pursue good.
  4. The Public and Private Sector are not trading fair and honest with the people of Jamaica. We are being exploited again, as we have been since we first landed here as slaves. Tell them in no uncertain manner to stop it! God is not pleased. And when reasoning fail, judgment is at his disposal. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah.

You and your family and this administration are in my prayers.

Yours Truly,
Carlos R. King

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