A User Warns about E10 Gasoline

I must lend my voice as the cry of many unsuspecting Jamaican motorists. I recently received an email with evidentiary research document published in California from Mr. Trevor Bogle pointing out the dangers of mixing E10 87 gasoline with the regular 87 (MTBE base) gasoline. I want to thank Mr. Bogle for bringing this to our attention. I have experienced the volatility that he spoke about and what the research information points out.

I recently purchased an half tank of E10 87 gasoline in addition to the regular 87 MTBE  gasoline I  purchased the day prior. The gas literally disappeared! The atmosphere is no better for it either due to the pollutants emitted. People are not aware and are mixing the regular 87 (MTBE base) gasoline with E10 87 gasoline.

It is an outrage that we are not be given the proper instructions how to use the gasoline correctly. I am asking the Jamaican government to put in place a proper E10 87 gasoline roll-out (to include a communication plan with the proper E10 78 usage instructions) framework, infrastructure along with the necessary regulatory infrastructure. This is to mitigate against the disastrous outcome that awaits us if we do not act to reverse the current situation. Haste makes waste, and in this case the waste could be the lives of thousands of Jamaicans. The government could be in for a lawsuit brought against it sometime down the road by the people of Jamaica if the matter is not addressed with urgency and the legacy left by this administration would be one of reckless negligence.

Duwayne Williams

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