image The first couple’s first kiss after the victory.
I rise
You rise
We rise
Africans all, blessed we are
This is no surprise
Kidnapped, battered
Raped, murdered, hung, quartered
Afraid of what’s in our melanin
That’s what mattered
I rise
You rise
We rise
A brother walks, our walk
An African King talks, our talk
Through the propaganda
Through the lies
The racism
The oppression
The suppression
Mental and physical
Emotional depression
But, still
I rise
You rise
We rise
He rise
At the cusp of Our Ancestors legacy
A spiritual movement
A flowing river
Look at Usain, Lewis…don’t you see?
We’ve been baptised
Breaking mental slavery
Tearing down the ties
Blessed we are
Black men, we’re Kings
Ordained to go very far
I rise
You rise
We rise
Look at his Queen so slender
Strong, firm
His rock
Yet tender
A beautiful, wonderful African family
An example for us all
On how to be
To stick together through thick
Through thin
For once
For all
And still
I rise
You rise
We rise
This is no surprise
These are great times
From Our Motherland
Throughout the Disapora
Wednesday 5th November
The beginning of Our African renaissance
The day we must
Always remember
I rise
You rise
We rise
Dedicated to the power of Our Creator and the legacy of Our Ancestors; defined in this historic time for African people and the example of President-elect Barack Obama of the United States of America
© Kwame M.A.McPherson
Wednesday 5th November 2008

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