If you’re going through anything close to what many Americans are experiencing at this time, it must be high anxiety bordering on hysteria. If you think the race is gruelling for those on the track, just imagine what it is doing to us here on the sidelines.

Taking a break from calling folks on my neighborhood list to get them out to vote for CHANGE, I make a few calls to close friends to find out how they’re holding up during this exciting but unsettling period in our history. Well, the news wasn’t so good. Even the name Imodium (the Loperamide drug for calming the bowels) came up in conversation during a couple calls. Not good.

The political pundits and the polls have managed to drive a few of my pals close to insanity, as some polls reveal wide margins and others show the gap closing. Both sides are accusing the other of registration irregularities, and on both sides there is fear that eligible voters will be disenfranchised, or that fraudulent ballots will be cast. But the most palpable fear is that the elections will be stolen by the GOP, and that McCain and Palin will be grinning or gloating at a petrified nation in the wee hours of November 5th.

So when I felt myself getting more nervous than a flea on a dog at the vet, I went to see my manicurist. It does wonders, the hand job, when nerves threaten to overwhelm. I was soundly reprimanded on Saturday when I got to the salon for the disgraceful condition of my nails, which I had been chomping on all week. I heard that I was not alone.

So that has settled it. I am staying away from the pundits until Tuesday, and have planned an event at home for the entire day, so my friends won’t be left watching the results and go crazy alone. In the meantime, while we wait for a president who can pronounce the word “nuclear”, here’s something to ease the tension, and keep us off our nails. To hell with Hannity, Morning Joe and Pat Buchanan.

Here goes:

For the duration of the campaign, McCain and Palin have been telling the American public that they are mavericks, that he has not endorsed every Bush/Cheney/Rovian policy of the last eight years, that they have on occasions challenged the party stance on a few issues. Well, the real Mavericks have been bristling at McCain and his running mate, watching their family name being carelessly slung around in the mud by the two candidates, and by the media to some extent.  As the race approaches the finish line, you’d think the McCain/Palin camp could benefit from one more major endorsement…

Watch as the original mavericks denounce the wannabees.


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