Dear Mr Golding:

All the best as you steer the bus of state as “de Driva”.

It is with much consternation that I now hear the Hon Minister of Energy gloating that he was right in predicting oil prices receding to US$80 per barell months ago against the conventional wisdom that it would rise inexorably higher as was the then sentiments internationally. It is either that the Energy Minister is exceedingly bright or lucky in his prediction! My bet is the latter, as to the extent that the Minister has this gift of prediction he certainly had not shared his wisdom with his colleagues in cabinet, in particular with the Minister of Finance whose projection for the economy were so off target.

And like a man out celebrating the passage of a hurricane,he is unmindful that it is the passing of the eye , with all its calm and serenity, that the winds will return with much ferocity in the opposite direction. So Sir ,as ‘de driva’, please exercise more composure and less celebration of the collapse of the oil prices and prepare Jamaicans for the return of the storm by crafting a coherent energy policy to include the exploitation of  ALTERNATIVE energy technologies and RENEWABLES, and as a beginning to renationalized Jamaica Public Service Co (JPS), the sine qua non for an energy sector led resuscitation of the moribund Jamaican economy.

Secondly I again implore the scrapping of the planned divestment  of our sugar assets which would be a debacle of major proportions.

Again all the best to you.

Trevor Bogle
aka EnergyMan

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