Enough is Enough!

There are no words that I can find to describe how I feel about the murder of 11-year-old Ananda Dean.

All the news about who beat who and who said what in a political race that dominated the real issues pales in insignificance, for in the scheme of things, none of it is important. The only thing that matters is this sick ring of torment that seems to gather momentum, like a horror movie. Who will stop it? Where is it and who is it? It is all of us – all of us who do nothing, who walk past, who don’t speak, who see, but don’t tell, who hear, but become suddenly deaf. And it is those who are a part of us, those who share the same home, the same bed, the ones who threaten their wives, who beat them, who torment them and who rape them.

It is those who have checked out of society and who think that they can do it and get away… and they do, because we let them!

The country needs a coalition of purpose! It needs a mind that is one! It needs a strong and powerful will that overwhelms those who are overwhelming us! But we cannot be faint-hearted in this quest! We must decide today that we are going to get rid of them! We have to be like a mighty army that marches forward, on and on, until we get them! It must stop now! Because now, none of us is safe! More and more, we will cower and shiver with fear as another day brings another horror story.

No Jamaica, I don’t know about you, but I have had enough!

Enough of that sick, empty, helpless feeling that I know most of us share. We must turn it around on them – we must, we must, we must!

Sally Porteous

Councillor Mandeville Division,
Manchester Parish Council,

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