A thunderbolt is described as a divine manifestation,
no wonder we look on in awe and wide eyed fascination.
You are now a shining example to the people of your nation,
and all who believe in hard work and dedication
let the eyes of the world watch in fascination
at the unbridled joy of one very proud Jamaican
You worked hard enough to see your dreams come through.
So son whatever you do,
dont let them take this moment from you.
you are a treat to the world,a wonder never seen before,
and we thank the Lord you were born on our tiny shores.
Let your thunder roll and shake the earth to its core,

They say u cocky but son dont watch that,
lets see them run the hundred in almost 9 seconds flat.
They say those who cant… teach,
well this is those who cant… preach
we will always curse the grape when its just out of reach

Just let your mind wander back to those days of sacrifice,
when u had nothing but dreams of reaching such heights.
Now that you have done it and your name is up in lights,
here comes the haters trying to take a bite.
You did it for yourself, your family and your country,
and know in our hearts we appreciate it greatly.
Respect to your mother who filled your heart with hope,
and for gifting us with the “Fastest Man On Earth”.

A lot of these snakes wish they were where you are now,
and to congratulate is something their envious hearts cant allow.
Still while they talk and talk,
you walk the walk,
and watch them point and gawk,
while you release your Jah-spark.
Blinding their eyes,
and blowing their minds.
While you bust the dance and shine at your moment in time.
and when these backbiters come knocking at your door

Where were these naysayers and upholders of proper decorum,
when u were barefoot and unsure where the next meal was coming from.
Sitting in there ivory towers living high off the hog,
and now that you have made it they wanna come along and blog
lamenting over how true champions should behave,
when deep inside they know its your limelight they crave.
Still they should know for they are the champions of greed and excess,
comfortable as long as they know that others have less.
But i digress..

For now im gonna let this rest,
but you know we’ve got your back if it comes to the test
For now though its all about you young man.
Its your party and we all have an invitation,
and if from what we have seen is any indication,
the future looks bright for our gifted nation.
So suffer not their hate and indignation,
just know in our eyes you are a true inspiration,
and yet this is but the beginning for you promise so much more
so as we sit with bated breath, awaiting what next you have in store

by Rodney Brown

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