image Bolt celebrates after his historic 100m run.

Call it the  Bolt initiative or the Bolt effect
but as Jamaicans it is in our destiny to be the best
so why wi nuh get a clue and put all this violence to rest
show wi true colors and put our real abilities to the test

our athletes did their thing, with all the medals they won
now wha the rest a wi a do, whats our contribution
what positive effect do we have on our nation
yow mi serious,no joke
no more sugarcoat
i mean nobody naw ask wi fi run go tek up a sport
we dont all have to be athletes to prove our worth
all it tek is a little motivation a likkle change of heart
and when it come to inspiration we couldnt ask for a betta start

you did hear wi national anthem? sound sweet nuh true?
well it stir something inside a mi, mi nuh know bout you
it mek mi ask miself, what more can i really do
am i really doing enough or mi just a scrape through

it go tek baby steps mi know
but a the only way wi ago grow
wi so rich wid talent it just a buss and overflow
so why we deh hide wi roses and put our thorns pon show

mi nuh know
but dem say wha wi reap wi sow
so the question beg fi ask..a wonder wha wi deh grow
mek the only thing wi deh harvest is violence and bloodflow

with all wha deh gwaan right now i man want fi be positive
but it seems everybody want fi tek and nobody nuh want give
nobody nuh want do the wuk but everybody want fi live
i mean unnu see wha deh tek place
wi want fi claim the medals but wi nuh want fi run the race

so while wi deh jump and cheer and wi own horn wi deh blow
only some a wi realise say wi dirty underwear deh show
and while the whole world see it and some wi keep dem mouth
the more jealous ones among them will mek sure dem point it out

what the whole world realise but the knowledge wi seem fi lack
is that when it come to talent and potential,wi have a bumber crop
and when dem a scrape the barrel bottom,we skimming off the top
this is how we get by, and trust mi it need fi stop
wi nuh seek wi full potential until we flat pon wi back

so call it the bolt effect
or anything you want fi inject
fi jumpstart wi society and clean up this rotten mess
mi know mi go do my part my conscience demands no less
so until we talk again,walk good, jah bless

Rodney is a Montegonian currently residing in Florida. As he struggles to find a happy medium between the necessity of being in America and keeping his authentic, Jamaican persona, he finds solace transforming social commentary into art through his poetry. Underlined by his unrelenting passion for all things Jamaican, and inspired by his five year old daughter, Brown’s poetry is a vehicle of self discovery and the possibility of self.  He welcomes contact for partnership at

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