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So dem fine di san! Story bruk! Hayhayyyyi!  Enny baddy evva ear mi dyin trial! A who a go get beaten now? A who distroy di national hasset? But yu know, no story nuh really bruk inno’ — far wi no wiser dan before. Everybaddy mout-lip lock-up tight tight, and nobaddy nah talk.

So tell mi now, mi ave a fyew kwestyan fi aaks:  A who di guvament a kip secrit fah? Why dem kyaan release di name a di company whey get di contrack fi dig up di san? An a who did contrack dem fi dweet? An if tiefin san is big bizniz, ow comes it a happen fi so lang an nobaddy nevva sey nutt’n? And the big shat company “Felicitas”, ow comes dem nevva pos’ no security fi watch dem prapatty, ef dem know ow di runnins go, an sey san-tief dey bout?  Sump’n smell stink bout yah.

Fram deyda day mi dey ya a wanda why guvament nevva mek di police dem investigate dis case, but one a mi fren dem fone mi fram yard an tell mi sey, him hear sey is really police kyar dat did excort di chuck dem fi deliva di san, so dass why di police coudden get invalve enna di investigation! What a prekeh! A two hotal beach di san dey; mi ear sey one manijah did catch im fraid wen im nevva si no lye-sen fram di contracta fi dig up di san, an di adda manijah, im decide fi get faisty an refuse fi ansa kwestyan. Hnn.

When mi was in skool mi had was to read sum French book bout “The Theater of the Absurd”, an dem time-dey it nevva mek no sense to mi at all; jus so-so book-nollij.  But wen mi study wah a gwaan down deh, a now mi know whey di book dem did a taak bout! A now mi know whey “habsurd” mean! A madniss! Everyting jus twissup-twissup: law an awda an brawtupsy an tings wey mek sense jus bruk out, an a pyur eediat bizniz an foolinish a gwaan. Every baddy a do wey dem want – a good-good country dis? A couden sensible smaddy a run tings! Dem so canfuse!

A to much kwestyan me ave, wey nobaddy nah ansa, ar jus nuh waan ansa. An homuch yu waan bet mi, sey a di chuck-man dem gwain get wey di duck get? Dem nah go lik out gainst di big tief dem; a jus so di runnins go, an every baddy jus get use to it. Wi so use to it now dat wi jus mek joke bout it and lef it up! A lef wi lef it up inno. But ef wi no sarry arready, wi gwain to be very sarry very soon, far wi allow everybaddy fi tek disadvantage av wi.

Mi ear sey a hola one undred hear it a go tek fi di san replace natrally. Di church betta go dung pan dem nee, an fas’ an pray fi a mirricle, sense wi doan have dat lang. Parraps dem shoudda jus mek di chuck-man dem carry back di san.

So di nyews come out big time sey dem fine di san – big deal. But a wey dem a go do bout it, eeh? An a who a go go a jail? Any-ow, mek wi watch it.

Bredda Bob did sing sey “dere’s a nachral mistik blowin true di air.” Prabbly a di san im did a sing bout…

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