Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding equated the action of school principals who have proposed and/or implemented what many consider “exorbitant” auxiliary/supplemental or development fees as “extorting parents…” He has, by default, called school administrators extortionists and thereby provided unnecessary distraction and fodder for talking-heads.

There are many perks associated with the office of Prime Minister (OPM), save one. A wise Prime Minister will not capriciously offend in words. The Bible likens a perfect man to one who does not offend in words. Mr. Golding has since his elevation to the OPM repeatedly and inexplicably breached this basic  protocol. And his failure to adhere has caused him to be viewed by some as hot-headed, insensitive, intolerant and contemptuous of dissenting points of view.

Mr. Golding should therefore offer an unqualified apology to school administrators in order to restore their honour in the eyes of students, parents and the wider society and regain his respect from well-thinking and fair-minded citizens: It is a gross injustice to provide “basket to carry water” and then turn around and complain about spillage! It is not a secret that education is under-funded in Jamaica. He got away with “termite infested brain”. He will not get away with this one. It is already ten days since the Gordon House comments and the calls for an unqualified apology have only picked up steam and gained momentum. If Mr. Golding continues to resist these just calls, he will eventually and inevitably lose support. We therefore expect good sense to prevail.

Our PM has enough on his plate as the country is in the midst of social and financial crises. He therefore doesn’t have time for any prime ministerial gaffes. We have collectively wasted so much time on this divisive issue and this misguided investment has caused it to become political. People are already closing ranks due to political leanings instead of principle.

If there is one good lesson Mr. Golding should learn from this unfortunate incident it is his ability to unite or divide the county whether inadvertently or otherwise. We hope the PM will choose to unite us always from now on and forever more. Amen.

Carlos R. King

Empowered Voter Advocate
Old Harbour P.O
St. Catherine.

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