There seems to be no end to the confusion caused by the vacillation of Jamaica’s current administration in their dogged attempt to curb lawlessness. The latest observation is Security Minister MacMillan and his granting of a permit for Sumfest shows to run as usual: all night long.
It is disappointing that yet again, our officials are so myopic that they cannot understand the reverberating effects of their ill-contrived decisions. By the singular act of blinking at the law and allowing the Sumfest all-nighter, MacMillian is giving permission to citizens to follow his example, as well as pouring cold water on the efforts of the Police Commissioner to enforce the law.
As so many have pointed out, the stageshows, for the first time in their history, could have started on time, or at least late afternoon, allowing enough time for the acts to be prompt in their delivery.
We continue this charade about attaining first world status, yet are bent on accommodating, celebrating and perpetrating our worst third-world proclivities.
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