image The cast, (l-r) Althea Hewitt, Craig Binns, Marsha Campbell, Lee Patience, Brian Johnson, Susie Braham and fabian thomas.

Director and Lyricist fabian thomas and a cast of seven Jamaican actors will be doing five performances of the highly-acclaimed HIV awareness musical POSITIVE in St Vincent and the Grenadines from June 9 – 13.

Scripted by veteran playwright Trevor Rhone, lyrics by fabian thomas and Teisha Duncan and music by Grub Cooper, POSITIVE follows the efforts of an HIV/AIDS educator and his attempts to spread the word about HIV/AIDS prevention, safer sex and abstinence by doing ‘walk & talks’ in public places.

The storyline also examines the challenges and realities of other characters who find themselves dealing with the psycho-social, sexual and economic issues related to HIV/AIDS. They meet Joe on the street and their stories are explored through dialogue, song and movement, while utilizing a mixture of present day action and flashbacks. Ever-present and plotting to undo Joe’s efforts is Hi5 (HIV).

Hi5 is committed to making sure the rate of HIV infection increases and that the factors that drive the epidemic continue to do so.

The current creative team of POSITIVE sees fabian thomas returning as Director and guiding the talents of a new cast comprising Craig Binns, Lee Patience, Brian Johnson, Susie Braham, Marsha Campbell, Dane Richardson and Althea Hewitt. Thomas also did the choreography/movement for this new production.

It is hoped that sponsorship can be garnered for a series of performances for schools, youth groups and NGOs, when the tour ends, as well as a major performance for World AIDS Day 2008 on December 1.

The tour to St. Vincent & the Grenadines is a collaboration between the Island’s Ministries of Finance & Economic Planning and Tourism, Youth and Sport, with funding by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the International Development Association.

There will be two performances in the capital of Kingstown and one in North Leeward, North Windward and Union Island.

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