The iLifestyle era may have gone too far.

Minutes after pulling oneself from the floor after rolling with laughter upon discovery of the Chumby, an advert flashes across the homepage; a young, chiseled fellow, a sample of whom one will never see walking the streets of mortals, clad skimpily in boxer, so enthralled in his tunes, he plays an air guitar.

At first glance, it seems the ad may be propagating iTunes or the iPod, but a closer look reveals a horizontal pocket, stitched onto the front of his boxer, is yet another holster for the pervasive iPod, an iBoxer.

For those so addicted to their iTunes and cannot leave their iPods out of the bedroom, your problem is resolved. Chances are these same people, may also take the MP3 player to the loo. Stay tuned, sketches for the iShower holster is definitely on Steve Jobs’s desk. Ladies, do not feel left out, they also have women cuts.iboxer_man_631933229.jpg

By virtue of the positioning of the pocket on the iBoxer, this invention would cop the award for most ridiculous tech paraphernalia of the year, then, enters the LG SH240, mobile, slide phone that feels like skin. Apparently, it is not sufficient to have the person on the other end on your speed dial, it has become imperative to simulate touching the other party. As such, LG’s latest invention, the skin phone, has the dial pad covered with a silicone material that imitates the feeling one gets when you rub someone’s arm. So dial your loved one, place the skin phone against your cheeks, and walla, they’re there with you. What if you misdialed and called your boss? Awkward. But moreso, ridiculous!

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