Snared in the Circle of Spider’s Influence: I’m caught in the net

Dorothy Vernon-Brown (r), Creative Ringleader, greets a guest.Do networks work? Or are they nets in which we get ensnared grasping for an illusive silver thread set by some cunning spider? Canada swears by social networks. They say that’s the way to get jobs and get ahead but the established networks never seem to work for new immigrants and minority groups.

The Caribbean community in the Greater Toronto Area has been drawn to crteating its own formal and informal networking scenes, the best known probably being First Fridays, convening primarily around Toronto nightclub venues where you’re likely to run into political networkers yapping at your heels for your vote. And what if you don’t like cigarette smokey places with heavy pulsating music just to chase the almighty dollar?

Enter Circle of Influence and its inaugural gettogether at about Earth Hour at the newest in the Pot Luck chain of restaurants and it may be what you’re looking for. What started as a small business seeking links within a community blossomed into a cadre of about 30 small business people meeting and starting to discuss how to cut from talk shop to action group for anything from making your plan to lining up your finances, making sound spending decisions to pampering yourself and even wiring your house or business electrically.

So the two metaphors combined nicely: A circle of influence going for the luck of the draw and coming up with something that goes down well.

I’ve a feeling though that it will be more than luck as the influence begins to be felt.

The first Circle of Influence meeting.
Part of the first Circle of Influence networking session at Pot Luck restaurant, Mississauga.

Sharon Johnson, the force behind the Pot Luck chain
Sharon Johnson, the force behind the Pot Luck chain.

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