Obama, and the United Church of Christ Under IRS Investigation

On its face this latest spotlight on the operations of the IRS as it takes aim on the UCC seems harmless, as it appears that the IRS is only doing its job. However, when one looks at the alleged rationale for the investigation into the UCC there appears to be a more sinister motivation. I do not question the right of the IRS to investigate the activities of non-profit corporations like UCC. However, to single out this church and put them under such scrutiny, allegedly for a speech given by one of UCC’s own members who just happens to be a candidate for the Democratic party’s nomination for president, makes one wonder.

Where was the IRS when the religious right marshaled Dubya’s march to the White House? Where were they, when right wing southern Baptist ministers and other so called evangelicals, spewed political vitriol against Democratic candidates throughout the last two elections campaigns? Where was the IRS when the religious right claimed victory after Dubya was ensconced in the White House? Many sermons and convention speeches claimed responsibility for his mandate and proclaimed the USA alright again with their Dubya and god at its helm?

Where was the IRS when Christian evangelists spewed their distasteful war mongering support for the ill advised and ill fated war on Iraq? I did not see or hear a peep out them when these activities were taking place. Did such open and notorious conduct not warrant an inquiry? It is quite possible the IRS did not view such activities by these seemingly favored church groups, as contrary to their non-profit status. Could it be that the apparent lack of interest demonstrated by the IRS in those churches activities may be because said churches expressed views on many issues fell in lock step with Dubya’s administration?

I have not heard of one investigation into whether their non-profit status was questioned for their open and obvious political activities demonstrated over the last two elections.

This investigation smacks of yet another attempt to find some issue to stick to Obama that could be used by McCain in the up-coming general election; or worse someone may have a beef against the UCC. Maybe the UCC in the eyes of some in government is getting too big for its breeches and the threat of the investigation is being used for its chilling effect. I wonder if this is not some form of selective persecution for the positions espoused by the UCC in opposition to some of Dubya’s policies.

This, selective persecution, is a fact that many in America ought to be aware of; including Mr. Obama. Some folk just don’t give up their ill gotten gains and power without a fight. We may be seeing evidence of this phenomenon in this investigation.
This is just this man’s opinion.

Jeffrey R, McLeod, attorney at law, Florida

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