Jamaica’s PM Shocked and Outraged at Bhutto’s Killing

Jamaica’s Prime Minister Bruce Golding has expressed shock and outrage at the assassination, Wednesday, of Pakistan opposition leader, Benazir Bhutto.

Bruce GoldingIn a statement issued through the government Jamaica Information Service, Golding recalled that the deteriorating situation in Pakistan was the cause of considerable concern and discussion at November’s Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Kampala. The decision was ultimately taken to suspend Pakistan from the Commonwealth until meaningful steps had been taken to restore democracy through free and fair elections, the rule of law, and the reassertion of the independence of the judiciary.

The assassination of such a prominent political figure as Bhutto, he said, has pushed the country into further conflict, violence and uncertainty.

Golding cited the mandate given to the Commonwealth Secretary-General to continue to use his good offices to assist in ensuring a peaceful resolution to the current conflict and expressed the hope that the Pakistani people will find lasting peace within a framework of democracy, tolerance and mutual respect.

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