The Time is Right For a Gun Amnesty

For the first time in recent memory the security forces appear to be having the upper hand against the criminal elements in the society, thanks to the recent police-military operations in West Kingston and the associated state of emergency in Kingston and St Andrew. The putting down of the West Kingston insurrection has dealt a …

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Jamaica’s 9-11 Moment

Jamaica is having a 9-11 moment. Prime Minister Bruce Golding flying a plane of obfuscation into the Jamaican parliament, has brought a unity not often seen across classes and interests on the island. But calls for Golding’s resignation will not solve what is at the heart of the people’s disquiet: the seeming formalisation by the …

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Mark Lee

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Time for Jamaica’s “Velvet Revolution”

It should be abundantly clear to all well thinking Jamaican that the current political order, dominated by the PNP and the JLP, is busted and is incapable of delivering good governance and economic development. The recent admission by Prime Minister Golding that he sanctioned the scheme to lobby the American government in relation to the …

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Will Golding Step Down Voluntarily?

Bruce Golding has done it again. He has once more left egg on the faces of those who trusted him. His private sector power base must be apoplectic by now in disbelief or rage after his most recent disclosure regarding the embarrassingly mangled Manatt business and the whole sorry Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke extradition affair. Bruce …

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