Tony Deyal

Tony Deyal
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Let the Right One Win

I read somewhere that the word “politics” is really two words and not one, something like “harass”. The writer explained that the first syllable “poli” or “poly” means “many” and “tics” or “ticks” are “blood-sucking creatures”. This was the idea behind the song by calypsonian, Black Stalin, about “Vampire Passing.” With election-time approaching in several …

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Vladimir Putin

The Putin Protocol and Other Presidential Gaffes

It is said that diplomacy is the art of saying “Nice doggy” while reaching for a rock.  However, for those like Boris Yeltsin, former Russian President, it is hard to reach for anything when you’re already stoned.  Even before he became President in 1991, Yeltsin had already shown signs of being a problem.  In 1989, …

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Heaven help us?

Cricket Below Parr

Jack Parr was the first host of the ground-breaking, late-night television programme known as ‘The Tonight Show’ later made even more popular by Johnny Carson and Jay Leno. WIKIPEDIA says, “It was during Paar’s stint as host that ‘The Tonight Show’ first became an entertainment juggernaut; Paar generated the most obsessive fascination and curiosity from …

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