Auditions Open for First Reggae Song Contest of the Americas

The auditions round of the First Reggae Song Contest of the Americas, opens at Monday, November 24, it has been announced.

“It’s time to open the show and start the entries coming in,” said a release from Lee Media Associates, producers of the online event to help to increase the visibility of reggae and its share of the North American music market, by opening up opportunities to indie artists across the Americas.

The contest will draw entries only from unsigned artists from North America and the Caribbean, as well as Central and South American submissions in English. The top prize will be an online mixing and mastering package for the winning song using the facilities of major prize sponsor Metalworks Studios, located in Toronto, Canada and rated as one of the finest facilities in the music industry in North America.

“Metalworks is always pleased to contribute to the music community, especially when it concerns the artistic development and encouragement of indie artists,” said the studio’s Sarah Konowal. “We look forward to working with the winner.”

The contest has been planned as a response to reports from the June 2014 Sierra Nevada World Music Festival held in Boonville, California, where “a reggae music business panel discussion was staged regarding the concerns of performers, music producers, managers, promoters and fans regarding the decline in reggae music business activity and revenues within the North American music market.”

The Web channel for hosting the Reggae Song Contest was chosen based on the dominant influence of the Internet in entertainment and business, across almost all age demographics, and the popularity of similar programs in traditional television media.

The Contest will be run over a period of four months with promotional activity through social and traditional media to attract a maximum of 200 unsigned entrants (with no music industry contracts). Each must submit one original song in video format to be uploaded to, which will be the community web site for viewing live streaming packages and voting on the finalists after official judging pares down the entries.

The’s technical functions are in place and ready for the launch of the Reggae Song Contest.


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