Abeng in Beijing

Torrential rain
Ahead of the world
From Sherwood Content, Trelawny
This 6′ 5″ sprint anomaly
Stamped his sunshine-bred supremacy
Shattering red, white & blue ascendancy
It was bound to spark controversy
An some almshouse chat from the IOC
Oh I see
The real issue is
How dare he?
Dis lickle black bwoy
From di land of wood & wata
Him too outta arda
They hoped he would falter
Now dem waan test wi yam an cassava

Like lightning-lit
Torrential rain
Took it to dem
Then danced barefoot
While the world watched
He danced for us
In a language they did not understand
Like the abeng of old
They could not decode
Bad min a go meck
Some a dem explode
Oh say can you see?
Dem cyan chat to wi
Did you see the untied lace?
Dem a go tiyad fi si Usain face
Hol’ on, my bad
Let me correct what I said
Dem a ago tiyad fi si
Di back a Usain head!


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