Javad Jaghai: Jamaican Gay Rights Pawn

Jamaica police break up attack on gays in Kingston.

Let me begin with the obvious: There is no Jamaican gay rights organisation. There are organisations designed and funded by interests in the United States that rope in a number of Jamaicans for use as cannon fodder. There is no organisation…

The Murder of Mario Deane

Mario Dean

If you are seeking to give excuses or find explanations for the killing of Mario Deane in police custody in the Jamaica tourist resort city of Montego Bay, don’t bother. The mere attempt would prove you know nothing about Jamaica. The…

Cricket Below Parr

Heaven help us?

Jack Parr was the first host of the ground-breaking, late-night television programme known as ‘The Tonight Show’ later made even more popular by Johnny Carson and Jay Leno. WIKIPEDIA says, “It was during Paar’s stint as host that ‘The Tonight…

Pilot Errors

Caribbean Airlines

If I had a nickname for any of the pilots of Caribbean Airlines (CAL) who “sicked out” a few days (Tuesday July 1) ago and left passengers stranded in many different airports throughout the region and wherever else the airline flies, it will be “Wrong Way”

The King and I

The Mighty Sparrow and Tony Deyal

There are many faces to Sparrow- his humour, his women, his travels, his concern for social justice, his politics and his raw sexuality. But they are our faces, our concerns and our interests. He is us.

The Female of the Species

Who's more dangerous? Leo or Cleo?

An assessment of the impact of Hurricane Ivan on Jamaica by the Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC) in 2004 stated, “The event’s direct damage and indirect losses amount to 8% of the country’s current GDP in 2003 (almost 36,000…